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March 5, 2005
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SysStats 2.5.11 by judge SysStats 2.5.11 by judge
** SysStats is an OPen Source project hosted at SourceForge: [link] **

A docklet for ObjectDock, RKLauncher and AveDesk that allows you to create interesting widgets with zero programming. There is also an integrated scripting facility to enable the creation of more complex widgetry.

You will find many examples of SysStats widgets here
Check out SysStats own website: [link]

Release Notes


- Added a 'take screenshot' context menu item. Actually just allows you to save an image of the widget itself which is useful for those of us who develop widgets.
- Added a 'player' meter. This will play just about anything, including videos.
- Added a 'Sens' controller that detects user presence.
- Updated the 'support sysstats' link to point to the new site.

- In AveDesk you can now drop other desklets on a SysStats desklet and have it do stuff. Like what you ask? Well like add it to a dock or something?
- Will now run in a limited user account - provided you run it at least once as an administrator.

- you can now load images from the web, just enter the URL as the 'path' in an image overlay.

- Fixed a bug that would cause SysStats to crash if a COM component upped its major version number (like iTunes).
- Fixed some innacuracies with the rendering of images and text.
- The XML meter now holds on to the latest copy of the document if the network connection goes away, so configs that use the XML meter won't display %s for everything any more.
- Added a 'nerd knob' to the ImageOverlay for use by scripts that write to an image file being used by an overlay.

* 2.5.7 *
- Now has a speedfan meter [link]
- Fixed a bunch of memory leaks, especially for the RSS config
- Much faster load and save times
- Change to the interval of a meter now take immediate effect.
* 2.5.6 more robust *
* 2.5.4 fixes a mouse-over issue *
* 2.5.3 fixes some startup issues with AveDesk *

See the help available from the right-click context menu for more details.

1. Quit all copies of AveDesk, ObjectDock and YzDock.
2. Unzip directly into your ObjectDock and/or AveDesk folder
Make sure you replace *all* copies of SysStats.
3. Restart ObjectDock/AveDesk.

There are many SysStats widgets already created and available on various sites. You can get a list of them here: [link]
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i know how to use it! cool man...
Ill try it,If work I tell u how
ill try if work i tell u how
doesn't work in objectdock 2.0 [link]
Also dont works for me.
Doesn't work crashes in both ave and objectdock.
Try running the dock application as administrator. Works fine for me.
They all work wrong for me T.T!! I don't know what is happening.
HELP. its not working for me. the sysstat shows up to add in objectdock but as soon as i add it, objectdock crashes
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